What is BKPacket?

BK Packet™ is a software program developed by bankruptcy attorneys to make gathering and populating information for your bankruptcy schedules easier for bankruptcy attorneys. Using the old system of collecting data for your petition, consumers would have to fill out numerous documents by hand and bring it back to the attorney's office to complete the process. BK Packet ™ has made the process electronic, secure and efficient which allows for more convenience and ease in completing the filing petition.

Why BK Packet™ IsEasier?

BK Packet™ is a software program that allows consumers to fill out their bankruptcy questionnaire information online for your petition filings using a secure system. The forms offer flexibility by allowing them to go at their own pace and save the form to be completed at a later time, if they did not have the time to complete it in one sitting. BK Packet™ also offers consumers the opportunity to review their information for accuracy and sign the form using an unique electronic signature. As the bankruptcy attorney, you will have immediate access to client forms, which means clients do not have to make an extra trip back to the office.

exploreFrequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Bk Packet Signature a "Digital Signature"? No. BK Packet lets you create an electronic signature, which is not the same as a digital signature. An electronic signature, as defined by the Federal ESIGN Act, is an "electronic sound, symbol or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record" (ESIGN). All 50 states have laws that define electronic signatures in substantially the same way. Whereas, a digital signature or digital signature scheme is a mathematical scheme for determining the source of a digital message or document. A digital signature by definition is a technology, a method of authenticating. It does not by itself meet the standards of what constitutes a valid electronic signature, nor does it mean that the signer's identity has been verified. Digital signatures are most often used to apply a digital "seal" to an electronic document in order to make it tamper-evident. So when you need to get a legally-binding signature, make sure you're using a complete electronic signature solution.
  • How much does Bk Packet Cost for Law Firms? Each client account created by a Law Firm costs 1 Credit. Pricing for credits varies based on the number purchased at one time. Please see our pricing page for more information. There is no monthly fee to have a Law Firm account.
  • Can a consumer fill out a petition without going through a law firm? No. If you are a consumer you must first contact a law firm in your local area and they can create you an account.
  • Which Bankruptcy preparation software are you able to import into? Currently you can import directly into BankruptcyPRO® or Jubilee (LegalPRO's new cloud based bankruptcy platform) by LegalPRO Systems.
  • Does Legal Motion offer any other bankruptcy related products? BK Data is another program develped by Legal Motion.

    BK Data™ is a proprietary software that gives bankruptcy attorneys the edge on their competition! By allowing users to "spy" on the competition, BK Data™ provides a distinctive marketing advantage for bankruptcy attorneys anywhere in the United States.

    BK Data™ was developed specifically with bankruptcy attorneys in mind. A special team of bankruptcy attorneys, marketing experts and software engineers all collaborated to develop a unique software just for the bankruptcy industry. The goal was to give individual bankruptcy attorneys the power to harness invaluable demographic information and bankruptcy filing data, which also gives them the opportunity to take control of their local market share.

    What Does BK Data™ Do?

    The numerous hours of collaboration and hard word yielded a one-of-a-kind software program that is both sophisticated and user friendly. BK Data™ runs on any computer and is easily navigated by even the most novice software user. BK Data™operates as a reporting tool that allows users to see where bankruptcies are being filed in their area, who is filing those cases, and when the cases are being filed.

    How Can BK Data™ Help?

    BK Data™ is designed with one thing in mind: bankruptcy attorneys and their profitability. It allows users to pinpoint the hotspots with the most filings in their area so that marketing efforts can be increased for these areas. It eliminates wasted advertising dollars spent on unpredictable demographics and locations and gives the upper hand in keeping a close eye on the competition.

    BK Data™ also comes with a proprietary process, which allows users to search specific filing information such as the petitioner's name, name of the filing attorney, city, state, zip code or county. These data points can be displayed graphically in the form of a heat map, to provide a visual summary of the most active areas for bankruptcy.
    For more information visit bkdata.com

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