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  • For Consumers BK Packet is a software program developed by bankruptcy attorneys to help make the process of collecting information about consumers property and other assets, debt, income, expenses, financial affairs, and other relevant case information easier.
  • For Attorneys The driving force behind the concept was to make the collection information for petition process easier and more efficient for bankruptcy attorneys. With the help of BK Packet, attorneys can streamline their bring back process and increase the number of cases filed each month.
  • Versatile & Secure With BK Packet you can print, export as a PDF or import the completed form directly into an existing bankruptcy preparation software. The BK Packet™ is 100% secure, meaning that only the client and bankruptcy attorney can view the information. You can rest assured the personal information being entered and reviewed is safe from the eyes of intruders and is protected under all rights of privacy.
  • Streamline Case Management For added convenience, BK Packet™ can also be imported directly into LegalPRO's BankruptcyPRO® software. By importing directly into BankruptcyPRO®, the BK Packet™ information can be automatically integrated into existing client cases or be the foundation for beginning a new client case.